Ben Garcia Physical Therapist Assistant

I was born and raised in Norfolk, Nebraska. I originally pursued and completed my Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration while working as a train conductor for a short-line railroad with a concentration in Management.

After transferring to a state college to complete my BA, I had a change of heart and started to become more involved with exercise and the human body. I took some time off school and worked in the meantime. I then set up a meeting with the Director of the PTA program at Northeast Community College. After being accepted into the program, I made it a goal of mine to move out to the Pacific Northwest and the rest is history!

I chose this career path after being more involved with exercise and wondering how I could help others with their rehabilitation process. I now plan to stay out in the Pacific Northwest with the goal of staying in outpatient orthopedics. Also, I have considered potentially completing a PTA-DPT bridge program within the next 3-5 years.

So far I have enjoyed exploring the various outdoor activities in Oregon. My dog Keno and I love chasing waterfalls together! I dedicate each weekend to exploring the Pacific Northwest and getting acquainted with my new found home.


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